Outa Sight Group

A Door To A New Beginning


1. Department of Rehabilitation:   

(707)  576-2233
Provides assistive technology and daily living skills instruction, including orientation and mobility training.

2.  Volunteer Wheels/Paratransit: 

(707) 573-3377

3.  Society for the Blind: 

(916) 452-8271
Provides comprehensive services for the blind, including cane travel, braille, computer classes, low vision optical specialist, support groups, social workers, camps, and retreats.  

4.  California Telephone Access Program: 

Provides push-button and/or large-number phones, speed calling, and 411 information services at no cost.

5.  PG&E: 

Will install, at no charge, tactile labels on thermostats, washer/dryers, stoves/microwaves, etc.

6.  Banks

May provide guideline checks or registers at no cost or minimal fee.

7.  Rose Resnick Lighthouse for the Blind: 

(415) 431-1481
In San Francisco & San Rafael, provides services in rehabilitation, orientation and mobility, resources for the deaf-blind, recreational and social services, adaptive equipment, volunteer services, radio news broadcasts, and more.

8.  VA Western Blind Rehab Center: 

(650) 493-5000
In Palo Alto, provides on-site training in  a variety of independent living skills for blind veterans.  

9.  Hadley School: 

A correspondence school for the blind offering a variety of subjects, including braille.

10.  Center for Independent Living (CRI): 

(707) 463-8875
In Ukiah.

11.  Guide Dogs for the Blind: 

In San Rafael.

12.  Library of Congress: 

Provides talking book services at no charge.

13.  Blind Babies Foundation:

(415) 486-6140
For families of blind children, provides home counseling on early intervention & child development.

14.  American Printing House for the Blind:  

Provides audio versions of Readerís Digest, Newsweek, and other publications at no charge.  Also sells various adaptive products.  

15.  Descriptive Video Services (DVS): 

(317) 579-0439
Provides videos with audible description of events that does not interfere with dialogue.  Note: TVs, VCRs, and DVRs equipped with the Second Audio Program feature can receive this service free of charge on some PBS TV stations, such as KQED and KVIE.